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HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUUUUIIIII <3 You are one of the sweetest gurls I know and I wish the best for you, especially since you seemed to be stressed right now! /BIG HUGS AND KISSES/

this is more experimentation in clip paint lab since i kinda wanna get into the habit of not abusing photoshop layer effects too much lol ;;

As snow fell in the Forest Forbidden,

It whirled ‘round a sight often hidden.

Gryffindor Red and Slytherin Green,

Oh, what a wonderful, beautiful scene,

Love triumphant and hate overridden.

magnificentsollux asked:

Hey i just found out Pottertalia exists an i love it! Do u know any quality fanfictions about this? :) thank u

Welcome to the Au Friend!~ You can check out this tag , it has a few. I started trying to collect a list but became busy with school, so hopefully it’ll grow soon.

Other Followers! Feel free to send me some pottertalia fanfiction to add to the list~

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