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I’ve got a pet pigmy puff that I keep safe in the dorm room (my roommates promised not to tell). But I also like dragons and phoenixes, even though they’re really rare. I have a soft spot for thestrals too. Not many people can see them, and they get lonely sometimes… I visit them when I can, and they’re my favorite for Care of Magical Creatures.

Простите. It’s just really difficult to pick.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUUUUIIIII <3 You are one of the sweetest gurls I know and I wish the best for you, especially since you seemed to be stressed right now! /BIG HUGS AND KISSES/

this is more experimentation in clip paint lab since i kinda wanna get into the habit of not abusing photoshop layer effects too much lol ;;

As snow fell in the Forest Forbidden,

It whirled ‘round a sight often hidden.

Gryffindor Red and Slytherin Green,

Oh, what a wonderful, beautiful scene,

Love triumphant and hate overridden.

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